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We provide resources and networks to link employers with highly qualified candidates in a broad range of engineering disciplines across all levels of employment. Contact us for assistance with your recruitment efforts.

Employer Inquiries: [email protected]
Career Fair Inquiries: [email protected]

Phone: (734) 647-7160

Employer Recruiting Staff - Amanda

Amanda Kostin
Career Services/Events Manager
A-C Companies
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Nancy

Nancy Niebrzydoski
Senior Career Services Manager
D-J Companies
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Chiara

Chiara Swain
Career Services Manager
K-P Companies
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Andrew

Andrew LeMarbe
Assistant Director
Q-S Companies
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Catherine

Catherine Lund
Senior Career Services Manager
T-Z Companies & Corporate Partner Program
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Kerri

Kerri Boivin
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Tara

Tara Coffell
Associate Director
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Megan

Megan Geske
Office Coordinator
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Rachel

Rachel Kraft
Career Adviser

[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Janice

Janice Laughlin
Co-op Program/
Events Coordinator
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Colleen

Colleen McNamee
Assistant Director,
Experiential Learning
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Melanie

Melanie Ordway
Recruiting Coordinator

[email protected]