Cooperative Education Program

The Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program assists students in pursuing an optional program of work while studying in the College of Engineering. Students can find co-op positions independently or by using ECRC resources such as Engineering Careers, by Symplicity, a web-based recruiting system. A co-op search is the same as any other job search—students apply to organizations and then may be invited to interview.

Students in the Co-op program are registered students at the University and will be enrolled in Engineering 400: Cooperative Education Engineering. The student’s co-op work semester(s) are entered on the transcript and becomes part of the student’s academic record. Co-op students do not receive credit – co-op is zero credit hours. You are not charged for credit hours but will be charged a fee for enrollment. However, you are considered a full-time student, loans are deferred, email accounts remain open, etc.

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Search for co-op opportunities by using the resources below.

How to Register Your Co-op

Co-op students are registered by the ECRC for the terms they are working. A co-op assignment will appear on your transcript and there is a registration fee each work term. You must be registered by the ECRC to be on an official co-op assignment. Please see documents below for additional information.

*Approved CPT courses for International Engineering Students