For International Students

Attendance at a CoE Internship/Co-op Seminar is required to begin the enrollment process for your CPT-approved internship course. Further information for your next steps will be provided during the session you plan to attend.

To RSVP for an upcoming seminar, please login to your Engineering Careers, by 12twenty account and select “Events” in the left-hand menu.

Registration Paperwork:

Please note: paperwork for Spring/Summer Internships (May-August) will be available beginning late-February/early-March! Rest assured, you will be able to be back-registered in the Winter. Please wait until that time to start the process of enrolling in one of these CPT courses as we are focused on students who need to attend the seminar for January-April internships.

CPT Course for Undergraduate Students – ENGR 196

CPT Course for Graduate Students – ENGR 998

Additional Information:

The ECRC provides resources to assist you with determining which positions you may be eligible for, based upon your work visa status. When viewing job postings in Engineering Careers or the list of companies attending a career fair, pay attention to the question stating ‘Are you willing to sponsor selected candidates for work authorization’.

The employer’s response to this field indicates whether the company can provide sponsorship for work authorization.

During the application process, some employers prefer to ask questions similar to the following of all candidates (not just those who are foreign nationals) to determine up front if the individuals will require visa sponsorship for employment.

  • Are you legally eligible to work in the U.S.?
  • Will you now or in the future require visa sponsorship for employment?

If you have questions about how you should respond to these questions, please read the “Work Eligibility Questions During the Application Process” document within the Resource Library of Engineering Careers, by 12twenty. The ECRC also encourages students to consult with The International Center for any questions regarding their work authorization status. You can also view our latest recording of the U.S. Job Search for International Students workshop below for additional information regarding your job search.