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ECRC Staff are here to help you! Our mission is to offer comprehensive career development services to College of Engineering students and declared LSA Computer Science and Data Science majors.

Check out the ECRC’s comprehensive career planning resources for students.

Appointments may be scheduled with ECRC Career Advisors for advice on your job search. To schedule an appointment with the ECRC, select ‘Appointments’ from the left side menu within your Engineering Careers, by 12twenty account.

Please Note: Appointments are typically posted on Monday for the following week only. If no appointments are currently available, we encourage you to check back on Monday afternoon to view more appointments for the following week

The ECRC hosts a variety of career-related workshops throughout the year for current students. Typical workshops include:

  • Engineer Your Resume: Resume Writing That Works!
  • Career Fair Preparation: Stand Out in the Crowd
  • How to Evaluate and Negotiate a Job Offer
  • Interview Essentials: Achieve Interview Success
  • US Job Search for International Students

The ECRC provides career development modules in Canvas! To get started, visit and click “Enroll in Course.”

  • Introduction to Recruiting at Michigan Engineering
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Fair Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers

Use all your resources to find employment with a great organization! Engineering Careers, by 12twenty is Michigan Engineering’s career portal for viewing and applying to jobs of interest.

The ECRC hosts a variety of career related events throughout the year to help students explore career opportunities and connect with employers. All events are free of charge for students to attend.

Major Information Sheets
Salaries, Hiring Companies, Job Titles, and more
Salary Data
Post-Graduation and Intern/Co-op Employment Data
Student Orgs, Certifications, Skills, and more

The ECRC recognizes the importance of wearing professional attire when interviewing. In an effort to help students with financial need present themselves professionally when interviewing, the ECRC is proud to offer Suited for Success

This program provides eligible University of Michigan engineering and computer science students with a clothing award of up to $200 to spend on an interview suit. 

If interested in the Suited for Success Program, fill out an application.

Air Products
The ECRC would like to thank Air Products for being a financial contributor.

ECRC resources are geared toward current students and recent grads at all degree levels, however, many of our recommended strategies and tools are applicable to a general job search. Researching potential careers, industries and employers and actively engaging in a wide variety of networking activities (in-person and virtual), remain the most effective means of landing a new job.

Alumni may access the following resources:

  • Unlimited access to job postings and company profiles in Engineering Careers, by 12twenty
    • ECRC job postings typically target current students and new grads).
  • Access to Additional Job Search Links.
    • Note, while many of the recommended resources are public websites, some may only be available to current students.
  • Participation in on-campus recruiting (including virtual fairs) is available for up to one academic year post graduation.
  • Career advising appointments are available on a limited basis. Appointments are granted at the discretion of the ECRC.

College of Engineering alumni are encouraged to explore career resources available through the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan’s career website. Resources include:

  • Alumni job board
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow alumni via the Alumni Directory and LinkedIn alumni groups
  • Participation in career events (virtual and in-person across geographic locales)
  • Access the Alumni Association’s career coach referral system

Learn more about Resources for Faculty and Staff.

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Phone: (734) 647-7160
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ECRC Staff - Rachel

Rachel Kraft
Career Adviser
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Andrew

Andrew LeMarbe
Assistant Director
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Catherine

Catherine Lund
Senior Career Services Manager
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Colleen

Colleen McNamee
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Nancy

Nancy Niebrzydoski
Senior Career Services Manager
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Chiara

Chiara Swain
Career Services Manager
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Kerri

Kerri Boivin
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Tara

Tara Coffell
Associate Director
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Megan

Megan Geske
Office Coordinator
[email protected]

Employer Recruiting Staff - Amanda

Amanda Kostin
Career Services/Events Manager
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Janice

Janice Laughlin
Co-op Program/Events Coordinator
[email protected]

ECRC Staff - Melanie

Melanie Ordway
Recruiting Coordinator
[email protected]