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Phone: (734) 647-7160
Fax: (734) 647-7141

The ECRC Staff

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Kerri Boivin Kerri Boivin, Director
Tara Coffell Tara Coffell, Associate Director
Tom Demmon, Career Advisor

Megan Geske, Office Coordinator


Amanda Kostin, Career Services Manager/Events Manager
A-C Companies

Rachel Kraft, Career Advisor

Janice Laughlin Janice Laughlin, Co-op Program/Events Coordinator
Andy LeMarbe Andrew LeMarbe, Assistant Director
P-T Companies
Cathy Lund Catherine Lund, Senior Career Services Manager
U-Z & Corporate Partner Companies

Colleen McNamee, Career Services Manager
I-O Companies 

Nancy Niebrzydoski Nancy Niebrzydoski, Career Services Manager
D-H Companies
Melanie Ordway, Recruiting Coordinator
Maurice Traylor, CoE Internship/Co-op Program Manager
Eilis Wasserman, Career Advisor