Tips from Alumni

View the following videos for tips on networking with employers, from recruiters who are also U-M CoE Alums!

Meet the Alumni!

Emma Mallon, Proctor and Gamble
Mechanical Engineering ’19 & ’20

Bethany DeMarco, Stryker
Materials Science Engineering ’20

Liz Howden, Target
Computer Science ’21

Henry Huelskamp, General Mills
Chemical Engineering ’20

Louie Thaman, Caterpillar
Mechanical Engineering ’22

Robbie Amori, Alfa Financial Software
Chemical Engineering ’21

Career Fair Tips

Don’t be afraid to go up to a company if you don’t know anything about them…but try to do research ahead of time ~Louie

The engineers you talk to are trained to recruit and are looking for the same things as the recruiter. They can help get you to where you need to go just as much as a recruiter. However, they are not the people to reach out to about the status of your application. ~Bethany

Job Search Tips

Don’t hyper-fixate on what the salary is but look at everything that goes into a job and the company. Make sure it all fits what you want. ~Robbie

Follow your passion! It will come across in your applications and help you stand out. ~Bethany

Interview Tips

In virtual interactions, stack up your textbooks and put the computer on top so that it looks like your face to face with the recruiter. ~Louie

Another piece of advice I find insightful is asking a hiring manager, “Can you describe to me the qualities of your top employee?” It can open the eyes to what the company or organization values. ~Emma

Assessing Company Culture

One question I ask is, “What is your favorite day at work, in the last six months, and what is your least favorite day? ~Louie

If you have a hiring manager ask, “What would you consider your managerial style?” You can see if your work style may be close or not close to your own ~Henry

Utilizing Campus Resources

Use the ECRC! ~All

More Alumni!

Anna Liang, Rockwell Automation
Chemical Engineering ’13

Collin Peterson, JP MorganChase
Computer Science and Economics ’13

Sree Addepalli, Texas Instruments
Electrical Engineering ’13