Sample Impact Statements

Impact statements are utilized in the experience sections of your resume to describe the actions you took, the skills you utilized/gained, and the result/impact of your actions. The three key components of a powerful impact statement are Action, Context, and Result.

Action: What did you do? (Use action verb)
Context: How did you do it? (Define skills, tools, programs, complexity, or environment)
Result: Why did you do it? (Explain the purpose of your effort)

(any major)
Presented findings in a
technical report and oral presentation
Presented findings to project team and a board of business leadership to successfully convince the team to
continue pursuing the project
Ran usability studies to gain product insightCoordinated usability studies to demonstrate product
features and solicit feedback from 25 potential customers
to identify areas for improvement
(MSE, ChE)
Proposed alternative packaging designProposed the use of alternative packaging designs for
three products to improve ease of assembly and reduce
costs by $20,000 annually
(ME, Manufacturing)
Assisted in the performance of safety evaluations throughout the plant in order to ensure better overall safetyFacilitated safety risk assessments on processing and packaging equipment with plant technicians to determine hazards requiring mitigation and the overall safety level of the site, allowing for several risks to be mitigated and issues to be addressed
(Data Science)
Created an interface designed to allow for easier assessment of medical problemsUtilized consumer data to develop a symptom evaluator for doctors and patients allowing for diagnoses to be made in less times with higher overall confidence
Determined potential sources of heat integration within an ethane cracker plant and enacted changes to reduce costs across the siteOptimized process flow diagrams and performed ASPEN analysis in order to determine potential sources of process heat integration within the plant’s distillation process which when implemented resulted in a 10% utility cost decrease for the overall process
Internship / Course Project
Evaluate products to determine mode of failureAnalyzed fractured vehicle engine component to determine cause of failure and recommended processing modifications to prevent future failures
Course Project
Proposed a design improvement to knee joint replacementsRecommended the use of a polymer coating to replicate healthy joint cartilage and prevent wear of joint replacement surfaces
Course Project
Worked in a group to research knee joint replacementsResearched the history, physicalities, and development of knee joint replacements to identify an opportunity to improve implant functionality with four other team members
Course Project
Researched the impact of alternative materials on CO2 emissionsInvestigated the use of alternative materials to reduce CO2 emissions associated with production by 30%
Course Project
Tested wing designs to determine which wing design should be used to minimize economic costs overallAnalyzed various wing designs utilizing CAD software in order to determine the best overall shape and decrease potential fuel usage by 7% with minimal additional production costs
Course Project
Designed CAD model of componentDesigned CAD model of component and performed finite element analysis to verify it would withstand the loading conditions experienced during use despite revised geometry
MDP Project
Analyzed potential knee replacement materials structural stability and provided results to supervisory boardPerformed finite element analysis on various potential knee replacement materials to determine which was the most likely to survive the strain of repeated use and reported the results to supervisory board of 5 doctors
Performed analysis designed to determine differences within different batches of defoamer fluids utilized within various lab testsDeveloped and implemented tests to determine product variance between batches of industrial defoamer fluids to ensure consistency of product internally and assess effectiveness against competitor’s product