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Types of Employment

For wherever your career takes you, the ECRC is here to help! See each section for the type of employment that you are searching for.

Full-time Employment

Use all your resources to find employment with a great organization!

Take advantage of career fairs, networking events and more:


Summer Internships provide students with an opportunity to learn about the engineering profession from observation and participation during the spring/summer semester.

Students can apply for internships as early as the summer following the first year; internships generally run from May through August although there are a few exceptions.

Search for internship opportunities by using the resources below:

Many of the companies that conduct interviews throughout the academic year are seeking to fill internships and co-op positions, in addition to full-time roles.

Co-op Employment

The Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program assists students in pursuing an optional program of work while studying in the College of Engineering. Students can find co-op positions independently or by using ECRC resources such as Engineering Careers, by 12twenty, a web-based recruiting system. A co-op search is the same as any other job search—students apply to organizations and then may be invited to interview.

Students in the Co-op program are registered students at the University and will be enrolled in Engineering 400: Cooperative Education Engineering. The student’s co-op work semester(s) are entered on the transcript and becomes part of the student’s academic record. Co-op students do not receive credit – co-op is zero credit hours and you are not charged for credit hours, but will be charged a fee for enrollment. However, you are considered a full-time student, loans are deferred, email accounts remain open, etc.

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Search for co-op opportunities by using the resources below.

How to Register Your Co-op

Co-op students are registered by the ECRC for the terms they are working. A co-op assignment will appear on your transcript and there is a registration fee each work term. You must be registered by the ECRC to be on an official co-op assignment. Please see documents below for additional information.

Job Search Policies

Your behavior throughout your job search reflects upon you as a candidate as well as the University of Michigan, so it is important to conduct the search professionally and with integrity. The Job Search Code of Ethics states the policy for use of Engineering Careers, by 12twenty, our online recruiting system. 

The Recruiting Process

Everyone’s career path is unique, what works for a friend or family member might not work for you, however there are a few constants in the recruiting process that are important for you to know.

Student Guide to Remote Work Opportunities

As remote work becomes more prevalent, it can be an option for you to explore as you search for internship or full-time opportunities. It’s important to understand that there are a wide variety of ways that remote working opportunities are designed by the employer. Some companies may be completely remote, while other companies might have a hybrid approach. Learn more about remote work and how to prepare for these opportunities within our Student Guide to Remote Work Opportunities.

Third-Party Recruiters

Employers may hire third-party organizations to assist them in identifying and hiring candidates. The National Association of Colleges and Employers provides A Student’s Guide to Interviewing with Third-Party Recruiters.  

Identifying Fraudulent Employers / Job Postings

When applying to a position through any method, the ECRC encourages all job seekers to evaluate the full job description and research the company prior to submitting an application. While the majority of job postings are for legitimate employment opportunities, there have been reports of fraudulent employers/job postings intended to scam job seekers. The ECRC advises job seekers to never disclose bank, financial or any other type of potentially sensitive personal information. If money, payment, or transactions of any type are requested as part of the application process or job itself, please notify the ECRC immediately.

If you believe you have been the victim of a job scam or suspect a job or company is not legitimate, please contact the ECRC immediately at [email protected] or (734) 647-7160.