On Campus Interviews

Numerous companies and organizations recruit at the University of Michigan College of Engineering to conduct interviews with U of M Engineering, LS&A Computer Science and LS&A Data Science students. Companies typically visit the College between September and December, and between January and March. Data regarding recruitment activities from previous years including student salary reports may be found within our Annual Reports.

Apply through ENGenius.Jobs
Many companies recruiting with the College of Engineering will post jobs and arrange on-campus interviews through ENGenius.Jobs, so we encourage students to utilize ENGenius.Jobs as a tool within the job search. Click here to learn more about ENGenius.Jobs.

A list of companies with upcoming on campus interview dates can be found here.

Suited for Success
The Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) recognizes the importance of wearing professional attire when interviewing. In an effort to help students with financial need present themselves professionally when interviewing, the ECRC  is proud to offer a new program, Suited for Success. The Suited for Success Program provides eligible University of Michigan engineering and computer science students with a clothing award of up to $200 to spend on an interview suit. The ECRC thanks Air Products for donating funds for this program. Applications for the Suited for Success Program for the 2016-2017 academic year may be submitted here. Click here to find more information about the program and apply.

Please contact the ECRC for more details.

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