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Cooperative Education Program (Co-op)
Working with corporations, government agencies, and the University of Michigan, the Cooperative Education Program gives students the opportunity to gain work experience before graduating. Alternating work semesters with school semesters, you can work towards career goals in a meaningful job while going to school, testing degree interests in real-world situations. Co-op students frequently qualify for higher starting salaries after graduation because of their experience. Many organizations participate in the co-op program to develop future employees, offering permanent positions to numerous former co-op students after graduation. Click here for Co-op FAQs.

Typical Co-op Assignments
A typical assignment requires a commitment of two semesters (eight months) that can be satisfied in a variety of ways. Students can work four months, return to classes for a semester, and then complete the remaining four months. Students may also opt to work during the Spring-Summer semester and either the Fall or Winter semesters to fulfill the eight months. Two summers do not constitute a co-op experience.

Students should be in good academic standing at the University with a preferred GPA of 2.75, and completed the basic mathematics and science courses. Students should also have completed between 35-55 credit hours towards their degree program to be considered for an assignment. Transfer students may apply during their first semester at the University.

During the Assignment
Students in the Co-op program are registered students at the University and will be enrolled in Engineering 400: Cooperative Education Engineering. The student’s co-op work semester(s) are entered on the transcript and becomes part of the student’s academic record.

How to Apply
To submit Co-op paperwork:
1. Log into your ENGenius.Jobs account here
2. Within your ENGenius.Jobs account from the left side of the page select ‘My Account & Skills Profile’, then ‘Co-op Program’.
3. Click ‘Add New Experience’ under the Co-op Program to submit the paperwork to the ECRC. 
Please note you must attach a copy of your signed offer letter, as well as a copy of your Co-op Degree Plan signed by your academic advisor, when submitting an assignment. The Co-op Program paperwork is available here. Students should contact the Engineering Career Resource Center at or (734) 647-7160, or visit the office in 230 Chrysler Center for more information. 

Summer Internships
Summer Internships provide students with an opportunity to learn about the engineering profession from observation and participation during the spring/summer semester. Students can apply for internships as early as the summer following the first year; internships generally run from May through August although there are a few exceptions.

Many of the companies that conduct on-campus interviews are seeking to fill not only permanent positions but also summer internships. Students may search ENGenius.Jobs for internship job postings and on-campus interviews.

Engineering Career Resource Center
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