Job Seeking Alumni
Alumni are serviced in two levels at the ECRC. U of M Engineering grads can always contact the ECRC for resume critiquing and various other offline services. In addition, alumni may access ENGenius.Jobs, an online system designed to connect students/alumni and numerous employers. Alumni with graduation dates in the current and previous academic year are eligible to use both the on-campus recruiting and job posting sections. Alumni with earlier graduation dates may access the job posting portion. To sign up for ENGenius.Jobs, please contact the ECRC at

Other related job search and career planning information can be found at the left or linked below:

ECRC’s Professional Network
Students need your help to gain knowledge about engineering careers, work in various industries, and the corporate environment. You, as alumni, are invited to join the Professional Network through ENGenius.Jobs, the ECRC web based on-campus recruiting and job search system. U of M College of Engineering or LS&A Computer Science and Data Science graduates can become a resource for current students and other alums through the Professional Network.

The Professional Network is a great way to obtain career related advice or serve as a network resource to others. To serve as a volunteer career mentor to students, alumni or peer employers, click here to complete your profile. Once complete, your profile will be visible in the network and you may start receiving mentoring requests.

To participate in the network as a mentee and connect with students, alumni or peer employer contacts, log into your ENGenius.Jobs account and select “Professional Network” in the top toolbar. The Professional Network is currently being established, so please check back often as mentors continue to join the network.

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