Co-op FAQs

What is the difference between a co-op and a summer internship?
Co-op is an eight month period work, May through December or January through August or fall term and spring/summer. Internship is May through August, you are not registered, do not receive credit and it will not appear on your transcript. We recommend that you try and obtain a summer internship or co-op before you graduate.

When can I start a co-op job search?
We suggest you have your resume/profile in ENGenius.Jobs during your first year as there may be companies that hire first year students. As you progress into your sophomore and junior year, you will have more opportunities for co-op job placement.

Do co-op students register?
Co-op students are registered by the ECRC for the terms they are working, including spring/summer. A co-op assignment will appear on your transcript and there is a registration fee each work term. Registration is by permission only through the Engineering Career Resource (ECRC) office. You must be registered by the ECRC to be on an official co-op assignment.

Do co-op students receive credit?
Co-op students do not receive credit – co-op is zero credit hours thus you are not charged for credit hours. However, you are considered a full time student, loans are deferred, email accounts remain open, and because of your status you should be able to retain your health coverage.

What is a typical co-op assignment?
A typical co-op assignment is eight months of hands-on engineering experience that will allow you to use the skills you have learned in the classroom and apply to actual engineering projects; you are part of an engineering team! It will only delay your graduation one or two semesters, and you will find the experience to be a wonderful asset when you start looking for permanent job placement. Company recruiters look for co-op experience and some companies offer all permanent full time jobs to their previous co-op students.

Think about doing a co-op, you will find it very rewarding to you as a person, as it will enlighten and help you grow in your preferred field of choice.

Who is eligible for a co-op experience?
Students should be in good academic standing at the University, preferably have completed the basic mathematics and science courses and completed between 35-55 credit hours towards their degree program. There may be a few exceptions, as we have had company requests for freshmen to co-op. Transfer students may apply during their first semester at the University.

International students are also eligible for co-op and must be enrolled for two terms prior to accepting a co-op job assignment.

Who do I contact for registration or questions about the co-op program?
Students that have questions or are considering co-op, should contact the Engineering Career Resource Center, 230 Chrysler Center or email for further information and registration details.

Engineering Career Resource Center
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