Information Sessions

Information/Pre-Interview Sessions are coordinated by our student organizations. For a list of student organizations that have expressed interest in partnering with industry to arrange on-campus events, click here. Please contact any organization you would like to work with directly, contact information is provided for each group. Companies interested in arranging an information session may find it helpful to review the ECRC’s Best Practices Guide for Information Sessions.

For a list of all student organizations, click here: University of Michigan Student Organizations. You may narrow your search by typing ‘engineering’ or the group name you are seeking in the keyword search field.

Additional Career Events Calendar
We encourage companies to work with the student organization sponsoring their information session to help advertise that event, however we are also happy to help advertise corporate events through the ECRC’s Additional Career Events calendar. If you would like your event listed on this calendar, please complete the form here. Submitted information will appear on the website calendar within three business days.

Note for Student Organizations
If you are part of a student organization that is interested in being added to the ECRC’s student organization list, please submit the registration form.

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