Baibhav Panda


Hi! My name is Panda and I'm from the Arabian peninsula of Doha, Qatar. I'm a rising junior and I am majoring in Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE). On campus, I've been involved in many different activities and organizations. I was a sports broadcaster at the WCBN Radio Station in my freshman year. I am an opinion-editorial columnist and middle east affairs correspondent at the Michigan Journal of International Affairs along with being the Social Media Chair of Enactus-An organization that seeks to achieve social and entrepreneurial change through innovation and business principles. I am also an Intramural Sports Referee and a Recreational Sports Supervisor. I'm a huge fan of sports, tv shows, comics, documentaries, news, history, politics, international relations, defense...basically almost everything, so you know who to talk to if you're interested in a conversation on any of those topics! I'm not exactly sure of what the future holds for me, but I do have some big plans and I really hope I get to achieve them!