Interview Selection

Interview Selection Methods

Note: GPA is not a screening requirement for students to submit resumes, regardless of schedule type. You may include a preferred GPA in your job description in Engineering Careers, by Symplicity, however the ECRC only screens on graduation date and degree/major.

Preselect Schedule

This method allows students who qualify for the position (based on the screening criteria above) to submit their resume to request an on-campus interview. You will then have an opportunity to pre-select students who you will allow to sign up for interview slots. 

Preselect Interview Recruiting Deadlines

Recruiting methods that involve pre-selection are guided by timelines set forth in advance by the ECRC. When scheduling a recruiting date and submitting required paperwork, please pay special attention to the timelines below. A successful recruiting effort is often dependent upon allowing sufficient time for students to submit resumes and sign up for interviews.

Preselect schedule timelines are confirmed via email once the positions have been attached and the schedule approved by the ECRC for student viewing. Any preselect deadlines missed or last-minute changes to the schedule will result in the preselect schedule being changed to a Room Only reservation. 

Preselect ScheduleBusiness Days Before Interview Date
Job Descriptions Due:36
Resume Submission Begins:36
Resume Submission Deadline:15
Employer Pre-selection Deadline:10
Preselect Sign-up Begins:7
Alternate Sign-up Begins:4
Sign-up Ends:3

Room-Only Reservation

This method allows a company to build its own interview schedule with resumes obtained during a career fair, company day or resume drop. The ECRC will reserve interview space. Companies that utilize the Room-Only method are required to provide a copy of each interview schedule prior to the interviews.

* The deadline dates may vary a few days depending on each particular situation, please check your schedule in Engineering Careers, by Symplicity, once your request has been confirmed to view the exact dates for your schedule.

Completing the Online Job Description

Once you receive confirmation of your interview date, you may begin attaching your job description(s) to your schedule via our online recruiting system Engineering Careers, by Symplicity.