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ECRC Mission Statement:
Our mission is to offer innovative career services and resources to College of Engineering students to prepare for a successful career transition and to encourage lifelong success, and to assist employers with developing and maintaining a successful recruiting relationship with the College of Engineering.

Please contact us for assistance, and click here to learn more about the ECRC’s Mission, Vision and Values.

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Phone: (734) 647-7160
Fax: (734) 647-7141

Below is a list of the ECRC staff, click here to learn more about our team.

Kerri Boivin, Director:

Tara Coffell, Associate Director:

Rachel Kraft, Career Services Coordinator:

Amanda Kostin, Career Services Coordinator B-F,

Janice Laughlin, Co-op Program/Events Coordinator:

Andrew LeMarbe, Career Services Coordinator Q-Z

Cathy Lund, Senior Career Services Coordinator A & Corporate Partner

Nancy Niebrzydoski, Career Services Coordinator N-P

Kylee Radzicki, Sr. Student Admin Assistant:

Alicia Rigoni, Recruiting Coordinator:

Peter Vasher, Career Services Coordinator G-M Companies:


Engineering Career Resource Center
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Phone: (734) 647-7160 • Fax: (734) 647-7141