Company Culture

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  • Work Style – individual contributor, team based
  • Workspace – private office, open floor plan, remote
  • Workload – heavy, moderate, light; consistent or ebbs and flows with seasonal cycles
  • Impact – contribute to a long-term goal, see immediate results of my effort
  • Communication – ongoing open dialogue/communication, feedback upon request, during formal review process
  • Inclusion/Community –embrace diversity in hiring, in thought and in approaches, foster a welcoming environment for all
  • Professional Development – opportunities for growth, advancement, and skill development i.e. mentorship and employer funded courses
  • Work Schedule – fixed hours, flexible schedules at employee’s discretion, frequent weekend and after-hours required

Be Inquisitive in Your Interviews

Sample Questions to Ask

Work Style

  • Can you describe how work is distributed and accomplished within the group?
  • Who would I interface with on a regular basis?


  • How do you prefer to communicate with your staff?
  • How does the company’s leadership share information about company goals and initiatives?


  • How does the team/organization celebrate success?
  • How are new employees included and welcomed in the organization?

Professional Development

  • How does the company support employee development?
  • How does your organization evaluate your employees and provide pathways for advancement?

Work Schedule

  • Does the company offer flexible work options?
  • During a typical work week, what is the average number of hours that staff put in work?

Talk to Other Employees (Current and Past)

Pay Attention to Your Instincts, Observations, and Company Amenities

By doing your homework and learning as much as you can about the environment, you’ll be more confident in your decision making and better prepared for your next steps.