Michigan Engineering Career Fair Payment Codes

If your organization is submitting payment for an outstanding balance related to a career fair held prior to Fall 2023, please refer to the information below to obtain the event code to include within the ‘Invoice Number’ field.

Winter 2023 Events:

  • Winter Engineering Career Fair – WECF23
  • Virtual Engineering Career Fair – VIRCF23
  • Startup Career Fair hosted by MPowered – STARTUP23

Fall 2022 Events:

  • Fall Engineering Career Fair hosted by SWE/TBP – SWETBP22
  • Fall Virtual Career Fair – VIRCFF22
  • Industrial and Operations Engineering In Person Career Fair – IOECFIP22
  • Industrial and Operations Engineering Virtual Career Fair – IOECFVIR22
  • Materials Engineering In Person Career Fair – MECFIP22
  • Materials Engineering Virtual Career Fair – MECFVIR22
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Career Fair – CEECF22
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Fair – ECECFIP22
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Virtual Career Fair – ECECFVIR22

Please contact the Engineering Career Resource Center at eng-careerfair@umich.edu with any payment related questions.