India Internship Initiative



Slide2Slide1The India Internship Initiative (III) is a collaborative effort between the College of LSA and the College of Engineering to provide undergraduate students at the University of Michigan with exciting summer internship opportunities in India. The India Internship Initiative is sponsored by the U-M Office of the President, Engineering Career Resources Center, and the LSA International Internship Program.


Priority Application Deadline: October 15, 2016

Final Application Deadline: January 15, 2017


Why participate?

  • Gain valuable work experience, a broader world view, and a deeper understanding of the realities of the global economy
  • Connect with international alumni and establish meaningful mentor relationships
  • Improve your cross-cultural, language, and interpersonal skills
  • Develop a greater appreciation of diverse cultures

Who is eligible?

U-M Ann Arbor undergraduate students from any school or college who are returning to U-M for the Fall semester following the program are eligible to participate in III. Graduating seniors are not eligible.

How much does it cost?

There is no program fee to participate in III. However, students are expected to pay their own expenses. Approximate expenses are as follows:

  • Travel to India: $1500
  • Housing for 8 weeks in India: $1500
  • Living expenses in India for 8 weeks: $500
  • Visa cost: $150
  • Immunization cost: $100


III_Image_2Can I get funding?

Funding is through III is available for LSA and CoE students in the form of 10 stipends of $1500 each. The Center for South Asian Studies offers fellowships for undergraduates traveling to India. Click here for other funding options.


What are the dates?

Internships vary in length and start date. An average internship is approximately 6-8 weeks long between May and August.

How do I apply?

Students interested in the India Internship Initiative will apply through M-Compass: Click

India Internship Application

The application opens in September with a priority deadline of Oct 15th, 2016 and a final deadline Jan 15th, 2017 .



Available Positions:

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*Note, many of these positions are hosted by U of M Alumni!