Male and female students holding notebooks in a lab

Summer Internships provide students with an opportunity to learn about the engineering profession from observation and participation during the spring/summer semester.

Students can apply for internships as early as the summer following the first year; internships generally run from May through August although there are a few exceptions.

Use all your resources to find an opportunity with a great employer!

Additional Job Search Links

Many of the companies that conduct on-campus interviews are seeking to fill internships and co-op positions, in addition to full-time roles.

India Internship Initiative


The India Internship Initiative (III) is a collaborative effort between the College of LSA and the College of Engineering to provide undergraduate students at the University of Michigan with exciting summer internship opportunities in India.



What is the difference between a co-op and a summer internship?

Co-op is an eight month period work, May through December or January through August or a fall term and spring/summer. An internship is May through August, you are not registered, do not receive credit and it will not appear on your transcript. We recommend that you try and obtain a summer internship or co-op before you graduate.