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What kind of career opportunity are you looking for?

Full-time employment

Use all your resources to find placement with a great employer!

Events and Networking Opportunities

Take advantage of events to network with potential employers!

Co-op employment

Take the opportunity to alternate school and work semesters to gain real world work experience, building up your professional skills and network. 


Find an internship that fits into your schedule and career interests.

Third-Party Recruiters

Employers may hire third-party organizations to assist them in identifying and hiring candidates. The National Association of Colleges and Employers provides A Student’s Guide to Interviewing with Third-Party Recruiters.  

Identifying Fraudulent Employers / Job Postings

When applying to a position through any method, the ECRC encourages all job seekers to evaluate the full job description and research the company prior to submitting an application. While the majority of job postings are for legitimate employment opportunities, there have been reports of fraudulent employers/job postings intended to scam job seekers. The ECRC advises job seekers to never disclose bank, financial or any other type of potentially sensitive personal information. If money, payment, or transactions of any type are requested as part of the application process or job itself, please notify the ECRC immediately.

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If you believe you have been the victim of a job scam or suspect a job or company is not legitimate, please contact the ECRC immediately at or (734) 647-7160.