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ECRC Student Staff

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Reva Kulkarni, Career Peer Advisor
Reva is a senior studying Electrical Engineering. She is especially interested in biomedical applications, and this past summer she interned at Stryker in computer assisted surgery. She would like to attend graduate school, and has several summers of research experience in bioinformatics. Reva’s tip for job searching is to be confident in your experiences and stubborn in your search! This means knowing that your experiences are valuable (but being willing to learn), tailoring your resume to job positions, and networking!

Amelia Smith, Career Peer Advisor
Amelia Smith is a senior studying biomedical engineering. She has previous advising experience with the EAC and is now looking forward to helping students with their career exploration in her role at the ECRC. Last year, she worked as a R&D Co-Op at Becton Dickinson. Amelia’s one piece of advice is to keep track of your accomplishments at work and at school. Please make an appointment to come in and say hi!

Louie Thaman, Career Peer Advisor
Louie is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. This past summer he interned at Caterpillar within the manufacturing engineering team in Minneapolis. Louie’s one piece of advice would be to treat the recruiting process like a marathon, not a sprint. It’s never too late to get started recruiting, and as fellow students, we know what it’s like! Schedule an appointment with one of us and feel free to bring any questions to the table!