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ECRC Student Staff

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Robert Amori, Career Peer Advisor
Robert is a senior studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Music. This is his second year advising with the College of Engineering, and he enjoys sharing what he has learned over the years with his fellow students. Robert’s one piece of advice is to make an appointment with the ECRC as early as you can to get ahead of the game and to be proactive in your job search. Please schedule an appointment to say hi!


Liz Howden, Career Peer Advisor
Liz is a junior studying Computer Science Engineering. This past summer, she interned at Northrop Grumman virtually and will be heading to Target next summer. Liz’s one piece of advice for the job search is treating it like another class, where the homework is applying to jobs. She also recommends scheduling an appointment with one of the Career Peer Advisors!



Madison Wahlsten, Career Peer Advisor
Madison is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. She has been very involved in research at Michigan and has now been advising with the College of Engineering for 2 years. The job search can be long and tough, so Madison’s advice is to be persistent with your applications and to be open to all different types of opportunities. She has appointment slots every business day, so schedule an appointment for career advice at the time that works best for you!